2017 Grant Application
Thank you for your interest in Tusk/Montgomery Philanthropies’ (“TMP”) grant program.  The goal of this grant application is to identify organizations that that are smart, aggressive, and want to produce political and policy change to reduce food insecurity.  We are seeking applicants who believe they have a realistic opportunity to change a law or regulation in the next year at the state or local level that would significantly reduce hunger in their community.
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What is the legislative/regulatory problem you hope to change on a state or local level? *

Explain in detail the legislative change that you would like TMP to assist with and how enacting this change (i) meets TMP’s policy priorities, (ii) fits your mission and (iii) will directly result in feeding more people.
Why would TMP's help (beyond just money) allow you to achieve this? Why hasn't it happened to date? *

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What is the timeline for these efforts (ie. state legislative calendar)? *

What is the estimated impact if success is achieved (ie. number of kids/families reached)? *

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How would TMP's resources best support this effort? What resources would be most effective? *

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What other organizations or policy makers have endorsed your policy objective(s)? *

What organizations or policy makers will likely oppose your mission? *

What would be the total budget be for this effort and what other funding sources would be available? *

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Organizational Profile

What is your organization's mission? *

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What was your budget in 2016? *

How many staff or full-time equivalent staff do you have? *

Have you had success with past policy advocacy work?  If not, why do you think your organization is well positioned to be successful in 2017? *

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